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Don’t let your data take over your budget!


Smartphones are convenient and cool but be sure you have yours set up correctly otherwise you could be racking up some major charges on your bill.

With Apple debuting their iOS9 operating system, it brought to attention a reminder that you need to check your data settings on your phone regularly because many Apps and programs use your cell data.

The problem some are finding with the iOS9 is that it’s new Wi-Fi Assist feature defaults to being active. The feature is very helpful when you are experiencing problems with Wi-Fi signal because it will use cellular data ensuring your online experiences won’t be interrupted. But if you don’t have unlimited data on your wireless plan, you could end up using too much data and seeing massive charges on your bill. To make sure this doesn’t happen you can just go into your settings and under cellular, click the Wi-Fi Assist to off.

cellular data

Many of your Apps also use cellular data to not only function but to stay active in the background sending you notifications. You should check your Apps to see which ones are important and those that aren’t you can turn off cellular data and just use them when on Wi-Fi. You can turn cellular data off and on whenever you’d like so if you find yourself needing to use them on the go, simply switch them back on through your settings menu.

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Written by Beth Gatrell

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