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LockState Releases Airbnb-Friendly Lock

RemoteLock from LockState will integrate with Airbnb’s Host Assist program

The new lock is WiFi enabled and is capable of having temporary codes for guests.

This is not really a new feature, most smart locks have some kind of temporary access system in place, but RemoteLock integrates with Airbnb to automatically assign a code to a traveler, set it to activate when the traveler is expected to arrive, and set it to turn off when a traveler leaves.

Not cheap

The lock does not come cheap, it will cost you $499 if you want it, and the Airbnb integration will cost you another $1/month.

While the $1/month is hardly the end of the world, it does seem like there are other options for people who cannot great their guests like manually setting a code before a visitor arrives on a less expensive WiFi lock.

Still, if you’re an Airbnb host this product may be worth a look.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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