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Fixing A Listener’s Cell Phone Reception Issues

Steen in Laurel Mississippi wants to know more about devices to improve his cell reception

Microcell AT&T

Steen asked: I’m calling about cell reception. Is there a device or a phone case that helps with the phone reception, or do I need to make a little foil hat for my phone? Trying to cut the landline.


There are cellular signal repeaters that can help you boost your signal indoors assuming you can get anything at all. The much larger antennas than cellphones do, and some can be mounted outside, then a module that lives inside your home repeats the signal the way a router would broadcast your WiFi.

You can look into a company called WeBoost and see which model would work for you, they have different ones that can be mounted outside, or just be sat somewhere inside where there’s a good signal that they can just boost.

If you’re not getting a signal at all, your phone company may be able to offer you a pico cell that can act as your very own cell tower. Basically you just plug it to power, let it find it’s location via GPS and it does the rest of the work through an internet connection.

Those units are not perfect, they sometimes drop the signal when switching to them from regular towers, but they’ll give you good coverage at home.

Many modern phones can just bypass those microtowers and make phone calls via WiFi

Depending on your phone company, you may be able to buy one for its full price, buy one at a discount, not buy one at all, or maybe not even need one. Many modern phones can just bypass those microtowers and make phone calls via WiFi using your number. As long as the phone is connected to your WiFi and you’ve authorized it to route calls that way the whole process would be transparent to you.

The phone would just ring and, unbeknownst to you, your phone would be traveling through the internet rather than regular towers. Ask whoever is providing you service, but that solution would be free and very simple if it’s available to you.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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