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Weekend of June 12, 2020 – Hour 2

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Tech News and Commentary

Dave and the team discuss a DHS Windows 10 warning, Microsoft’s big vulnerability fix update, AMC theaters reopening, and more.

Sadie in Jacksonville, Florida listens to the Podcast and is calling via the App and asked: “What are some affordable, good-quality air purifiers out there that remove pet dander, mold, mildew and pollen from the air. And what should I be looking for when purchasing an air purifier – such as features – to know it’s gonna be a good quality product?”

Well Sadie, it depends on what you need it for and what room you intend to put it in. Some air purifiers specialize in removing germs and mold spores, smoke, allergens like pollen, or even for bathroom odors. The bigger the room you need to clear out, the bigger and the more expensive the machine. Another thing you need to consider is how often the filters need to be changed or cleaned in order to stay effective.

For the issues you mentioned, here are some recommendations for air purifiers that won’t break the bank.

First one is GermGuardian AC4825. This one costs just under $100, has three filters. A carbon filter, True HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, and a UV-C (ultraviolet C) light. This one is great for smaller rooms.

Next is the O-ION 4-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifier. This one’s just under $60 and comes with the same three filters. A nice plus is that it consumes low amounts of energy.

You might also check out the Holmes HEPA Type Desktop Air Purifier. This one costs around $40 and has multiple HEPA filters and an ionizer to eliminate odors. This one is smaller, about 11 inches tall and weighs about 6 pounds so it fits perfectly on a table or desk. We’ve heard this one can get loud if you set the speed too high, but it’s great for the price.

As far as what to look for – be sure it has a high Clean Air Delivery Rate (that’s the volume of air that is cleaned), a high filtration level rate, and the right area of Coverage for your needs. We’d also recommend you look for one that has a carbon filter because it serves as a pre-filter and can help remove unwanted odors. Do let us know what you end up getting Sadie!

Harry in Port Huron, Michigan listens on AM800 CKLW and asked: “I’m looking for – not a Bluetooth speaker – but a USB wireless speaker. I have a USB speaker right now but the problem is you have to plug it in, and it’s a regular 3.5mm plug that then goes to a USB transmitter. I want to be able to plug in a USB transmitter with no cable, similar to the Logitech mice. Do you know of such a wireless USB speaker?”

Yes and no, Harry.

USB is a wired standard, so there’s no such thing as a USB-only wireless speaker, but there are USB dongles that give you access to different kinds of radio frequency enabled USB speakers.

These days Bluetooth is the easiest and cheapest to buy, but there are a range of other technologies from WiFi, to plain FM frequencies and you can often find USB connectors for those speakers.

If you really want to just plug in a transmitter with no cable, you really can’t beat Bluetooth for range of choices and ease of use, but if you want to avoid Bluetooth altogether, there are some options.

There are two reasons to consider Bluetooth as the delivery method if you’re not totally against it: First – It’s the most widespread standard for this and that means that pretty much every brand you know is using it and not using the rest.

And also – Because there’s a Bluetooth audio delivery standard, you don’t have to get a USB drive that will need to act as a sound card or interface with your sound card in a way that is going to require some software manipulation. Usually there are some hoops to jump through unless you’re using the port only to power the transmitter.

There is the catch though, because if you’re using the port just to power the transmitter then you need the audio cable plugged into it to get the audio signal and that’s the set up you already have.

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Written by Dave Graveline

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